Room Colour Combinations That Work Wonders

The easiest makeover you can give your home is a fresh painting. Painting your home to achieve a cool and calm atmosphere, or to make a bold statement, could be an interesting and exciting task. However, many people might not want to go through the stress of picking colours, combining …

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Let These Quotes Excite Your Creativity

As a painter, creativity is very important. It is your creativity that comes to bear when you choose one colour combination above another or you decide on a design that would be more appropriate for a location than another. Creativity goes beyond what you have learnt or think is proper. …

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This Is How You Know A Professional Painter

In identifying a professional painter, we are often tempted to first of all check for one with a university degree or one from a respectable training institute. But, does that completely guarantee that you will get the best result? You may ask, “How then can I know a professional painter …

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Purple – The Colour With The Prestigious Acclaim

All around us is the infusion of colour. From the soil to the sky, there is a plethora of colours that daily assuage our senses.This daily dose is then enhanced by the usage of visual devices, which categorically ensure that we are continuously allayed by different colours from which our …

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Choosing the Wrong Painter Is Expensive And Here’s Why!

Would you have someone with bad writing skills write a proposal for your business? Certainly not! You would go to great lengths to ensure that the writer for the job is one whose skills have been proven adequate for the job. That is because of the importance you attach to …

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Make The Most Of Your Christmas Décor With These Colours

  Christmas often appeals to the emotions of people. Not only does it serve as a send-forth for the outgoing year, it also affords people opportunity to go on holidays, travelling across the world and spending time with family and friends. For some, it is a period of self-discovery, adventure …

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These Colours Could Make or Mar Your Business!

Colours are generally known to affect the way people think, act and react. According to psychologists, there are certain colours that can affect the mood and temperature of a place, thereby evoking certain emotions in people in that area. Are you a business owner looking out to give your business …

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Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Happier

More of our time in the bedroom is spent with our eyes closed. As such, for a lot of us, the bedroom is the last room we consider decorating. This might be as a result of a short flow of interesting bedroom ideas to keep the room exciting. No wonder we …

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5 Exterior Colour Combinations That Excite

  If you think the colour of a building doesn’t affect people’s emotions, it may probably be that you haven’t seen an exterior paint design of yellow and pink. What comes to your mind when you see a combination of bright yellow and pink? For some, that would probably be …

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A Beautiful Living Room Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

A common misconception is that redecorating your home or any part of it will require a lot of money. Nothing can be further from the truth. The truth is that, even if you are on a slim budget, you can still create stylish and inviting décor for your living room. …

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