What You Should Know About Acrylic Paints

What exactly is the fuss about acrylic paints? You may ask. They are water-soluble as they are made with water and acrylic resins. We can say that the use of acrylic paints in recent times is a reaction to the disappointment users have experienced with oil and latex paints. Aside …

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Modern Wall Designs You Will Definitely Love

It is now quite boring to just paint your home with plain colors without including any wall designs. With the recent use of amazing wall designs in homes, schools and corporate environment, you can be sure that the world is becoming more beautiful. Wall designs are beyond a general play …

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How To Measure A Room To Determine The Quantity Of Paint To Buy

For handy men, who have had difficulty in calculating the precise amount of paint that would be sufficient for a room, this post is for you. Knowing how to blend colours and being familiar with the easy steps to painting is not enough. That alone wouldn’t  get you an excellent …

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Easy Steps To Painting Your Wall By Yourself

If you wish to paint your walls all by yourself, this DIY piece is just for you! Yes, we know painting is a skill and might come out pretty difficult to a first timer. But, you should easily work through your first attempt with these outlined easy steps. The first …

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Paintbrushes to be cleaned

How To Professionally Clean Your Paintbrushes

As a painter, you must consider cleaning your paintbrushes as some sort of maintenance routine; the better you maintain them, the longer they last for you.  Wrong use and maintenance of this painting tool can be detrimental to your painting jobs, as there will be frequent deposits of material into …

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5 Lapses You Must Avoid As A Painter

Painting is an art that thrives on the creativity of a painter. For most painters, it is a profession borne out of a passion and love for everything beautiful. Yet, for some others, it is simply a means to an end. How important is your profession to you and how …

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Check Out These Healing Attributes of Colours

Just imagine what life would be without colours. Would the flowers, trees, oceans and nature’s finest be as interesting and inspiring as they are today, if they just existed as black and white. Colours can do much more than just decorate your walls. Beyond making your walls or world look beautiful, …

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quality paints in nigeria

Check Out These Essential Painting Tools For Achieving A Perfect Finish

Painting is an art that requires a level of skills if it must turn out great. But, as important as it is to have a good grip on the skills required, it is often not sufficient to achieve the best results. There are essential painting tools that have been designed …

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The Brilliant Painter’s Route To A Flawless Paint Job

Like most University graduates with no job to make a living, Yemisi had gone through the frustration of sending out tons of job applications, before finally resolving to plunge into the world of the self-employed. Flashback to her University days, she remembers how she was well known as the “creative …

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How Creativity And Passion Transformed Udoka Uju – The Lady Painter

In the world of colours, creativity and passion along with attention to details is everything. It is not only the number of years a painter has been in business that accounts for his professionalism but the wealth of knowledge he or she is able to garner, the level to which skills …

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