Several things make an impression on the human brain. Some are the smell, taste, touch and interestingly, colour. The human brain registers different things when in contact with several colours, which is why one has to be very careful and precise when picking the colour they wish to paint a …

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The Art of Color Blending

Tired of working with the same old bland colors, red, blue and yellow? Why not get more out of your home or office with color blending. What is color blending? Colour blending is the art of mixing two colors together to produce a third color. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Mixing …

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Interior and Exterior Paint Colors

Colors are more than what meets the eye. They can either make or mar your wardrobe or even worse, your home. Each with its own distinct allure, colors have a psychological effect on the human mind and can influence our emotions and perceptions in a variety of ways.   Colors …

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