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Paint Colour Ideas For A Small Bathroom

It was a bright morning and I was making the bed in my bedroom. At this time, I usually expect my 5-year-old daughter to come running through the door and jumping on me but, not this time. She was at my sister’s house. My husband was away on business and was at home by myself which was perfect because I needed to paint the guest bathroom. I felt confident enough to do my own painting, after all I had visited 2 Sandtex Experience Centers where I purchased the different paint products that I intended to use. I purchased Sandtex Satin which lasts long and gives a nice wipeable finish, so I was ready to go.

In case you didn’t know, a bathroom is usually the smallest room in a home, nevertheless you can still be creative and experiment with colour and décor. Bathrooms are not restricted from bright and bold colours. The right paint colour can open up the space and help create the illusion of a well-lit room.

I wrote a list of the steps I was going to take in painting my small bathroom which are as follow:

Step 1

Understand what lighting options you have, be it natural, accent or overhead. and what vibe you want to aim for in your bathroom. Know what colour or palettes you’re interested in, there were a number of colours to choose from.

These were my 5 favorite Sandtex paint colours perfect for any small bathroom:



Sandtex Taupae Pink

The first colour I chose was Sandtex Taupae Pink because it is a wonderful colour that adds a little texture and depth to a small space. This beige hue is perfect for a natural-style small bathroom without being too light. Sandtex Taupae Pink is ideal for a guest bathroom as it can be dressed up in a variety of ways with colourful accents that appeal to all gender and taste.

Sandtex Yellow Duchess

The second colour I chose was Sandtex Yellow Duchess which is a sunny yellow with warm undertones. Though yellow can be a little overpowering when used in small spaces, a bright cheery yellow paint in a small bathroom with wainscoting or half-tiled walls is a good way to add a wonderful pop of colour. It’s perfect as an accent wall or throughout a whole bathroom. It works in bathrooms with or without a lot of natural light and pairs well with light, warm hues.

Sandtex Empress Jade

The third colour was Sandtex Empress Jade which I liked very much, it’s bold, rich, green-blue teal colour can add loads of personality to a small space alongside other vibrant colours.

Sandtex Grey

The fourth colour was Sandtex Grey which is a universally loved colour when it comes to wall paint, and it’s definitely one of the best choices for a small bathroom.


Sandtex Stepping Stone

Finally, the fifth colour I chose was Sandtex Stepping Stone which is a light, warm grey that works best in bathrooms with a little natural light. The more light you have, the cooler this grey will appear. It pairs well with black, white or green accents.

In the end I picked Sandtex Stepping Stone for my walls since I like pink and my ceiling, I’d paint white.

Step 2

Spread some old newspapers all over the floor.

Step 3

Put on some painting clothes. When painting a bathroom or kitchen, wash the walls with a solution of approximately three teaspoons of laundry detergent to one gallon of water. Scrape any cracked or flaking paint with a paint scraper.

Step 4

Commence painting.

Painting the walls was relaxing for me, I took my time as I knew my little girl would be back the next day which is Sunday. I enjoyed myself listening to music through my headphones and at times taking short breaks.

By the time I was finished, my bathroom walls where breathtaking. I had finished painting at 3 pm in the afternoon. I had used Sandtex Satin for a wipeable finish since I like my paint to shine and it’s also quick drying which is always a good thing. I went for my Phone and took some pictures of the beautiful walls with a feeling of achievement. My intention was to post the pictures on Instagram and tag friends and of course, Sandtex.


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