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How To Paint Your Window Frames


What a beautiful morning it was. I got out of bed as usual to prepare for the day. My plan was to paint my window frames in the kitchen.  I bought paint from SandtexPaints when I visited one of The Experience Centres. I met one of the representatives who gave me some painting tips. Here is what she shared with me:

Think about what colour to paint your windows. A coat of white paint will have a brightening effect and won’t compete with the colours of the wall. However, if you wish to make a statement, choose a colour that’s a few shades lighter or darker than your walls. This will help your windows become more of a focal point within your room. Once you’ve done this you are ready for step 1-

  • Step 1, sand the window frame with medium-grade sandpaper and brush away any dust. It is important to wear your goggles whilst you’re doing this. Wipe the frame clean with a damp sponge – just use water, no soap.


  • Step 2, Place masking tape along the edges to ensure a clean line and prevent paint spilling onto your windows. If you want to be extra cautious, you could tape a newspaper to cover the glass as well. Between coats, remove and reapply the masking tape to avoid the adhesive removing any paint.


  • Step 3, paint in a consistent direction – the same way as the wood grain – to achieve a nice, even finish. Let it dry for 2-3 hours.


  • Step 4, Gently rub down the frame to make the surface rough, in order for the paint to adhere better. Apply paint to the frame, then the opening casements. Leave the window open to let it dry.


  • Step 5, Once your first coat has dried, apply your second coat, just as you did in step 5. Remove the masking tape and leave the paint to dry.


I was advised to start early and so I did. At about 7 am I was wearing my overalls and my paint was ready. I started with step 1 of sanding the frames wearing my goggles. Afterwards I used a damp sponge to wipe down the window frames.  I proceeded with step 2 and masked the edges with masking tape. After I did that, I took my paint brush and proceeded to apply the paint colour I chose which was Sandtex  Badlands. I made sure to be consistent in the direction I was painting in. After that I took my break and allowed the paint to dry for 3hrs which is the maximum time for letting paint dry. This was at noon. By that time I went to have my lunch. After that I spoke to my wife and kids via the internet as they are staying at her sister’s place.

My wife and the kids are at her sister’s place while the country is easing out of the Lockdown. At 3 o’clock I went to look at the window frames. They looked great. The colour I chose which is brownish pops against the Sandtex Hot Butter coloured walls.  I was impressed in the quality of the Sandtex paint when applied for the second time now.  The next day my family came back home. The kids ran into the kitchen for some snacks in the fridge and seconds later I heard a cry of amazement from my little girl. She ran out of the kitchen with her brother right behind her talking about the painted frames. We all went into the kitchen to see the newly painted walls. As usual the children wanted to touch the painted window frames but, I cautioned them. My wife took pictures of the window frames and posted them on instagram and tagged SandtexPaints.  Thank you SandtexPaints.



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