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Are You A Painter That Loves Sandtex? This Promo Is For You

One person I would always appreciate is Yusuf, my painter. He has become like family to me. I met Yusuf through my sister-in-law when I was about to get married and I needed somebody to paint my house before we moved in.

Yusuf actually introduced me to Sandtex, my plumber, my carpenter and even my mechanic. Whenever I need anything and I ask Yusuf, he always has a solution ready for me.

Yusuf has become like family to me and I was planning that this Christmas, I would look for a way to surprise and appreciate him because he has been a blessing. While I was searching for things I could get him for work, I came across a Sandtex post on Instagram. The post said Sandtex was doing a promo specifically for painters that are loyal to the brand.

After checking I found out that they were actually doing two different promos called Sandtex Painters’ Gift Splash and Sandtex Loyalty Scheme.

Painters’ Gift Splash promo will run at selected Sandtex Experience Centres and would start on the 12th of November, 2018. The painters will be rewarded immediately after purchase and the promo items will be valid while stock last.

The following gift items will be won:
• For a minimum purchase of N500, 000.00 you would win a Pole Roller, T-shirt and Face cap
• For a minimum purchase of N300, 000.00, you would win a Painter’s Overall and Face cap
• For a minimum purchase of N50, 000, you would win a Notepad and Pen

While the Loyalty Scheme will reward the highest buyer in a centre over a period of 31 days in the month of December 2018 with a minimum purchase of N5, 000,000 with a Haier Thermocool refrigerator. This promo would run from the 1st – 31st December 2018.

With the way Yusuf is always busy every December, I am sure he can win any of this items. We have even just talked about him painting my nursery and guest room and just from that job, he could win some of the gift items listed.

Although I am still going to get him a Christmas gift, I really believe he can benefit from this, so why not tell him about it.

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