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Painting Your Baby’s Crib With Sandtex Strawberry


Painting Your Baby’s Crib With Sandtex Strawberry

I just became a dad. Actually, it’s been 2 months and now Coronavirus has forced me to stay at home. Well at least I get to spend more time with my baby girl. It’s been fun and stressful at the same time. My wife and I have been sharing the responsibility of taking care of her. On one beautiful Monday morning at home, I decided to paint my baby’s crib with Sandtex Strawberry. I had purchased the paint from a SandtexPaints Experience Centre a week before the President’s directive.

It was about 8 o’clock in the morning, luckily baby girl was fast asleep on the living room couch for the moment. I tiptoed to the garage where the Sandtex Strawberry paint and crib were. I was going to paint in the garage so, there was nothing to cover. As I began to work on the crib, I remembered the tips I received from one of the representatives that I met at the SandtexPaints Experience Centre. This was what he said to me:

  • Your baby’s safety is above everything else so, before applying any paint, you need to make sure that the baby crib is clean and free, the paint is odorless, zero VOC and non-toxic. Thank God for SandtexPaints. 100% baby safe all round.
  • Before you start, you must remove any grime or dirt as even the smallest speck of dust will mess the paint later on. I cleaned the crib thoroughly using a wet cloth which was enough otherwise I would have had to use furniture cleaner.
  • Before applying the new Sandtex Strawberry colour, I needed to remove the existing coat of paint and expose the rougher inner surface of the wood which was what needed to be painted. I had purchased some sandpaper before the stay at home directive for sanding my baby’s crib.

  • I was told that you need grit sandpaper. Anything from a 160-250 model. I was able to get the 250 type and did a lot of sanding that all traces of existing paint were removed.

  • After sanding the crib, I used a simple microfiber damp cloth to wipe off any sanding dust that had been left after scuffing the baby crib. I checked the inward corners and indentations as it is very important that you remove all the dust because you don’t want any of it to blend with the fresh coat of paint and ruin the appearance of your baby crib.


Once this was done, I commenced painting. I was using a medium sized paint brush. By 11 am I was finished. It looked impressive. So, I went back inside the house and spent the rest of the morning with my daughter who was now wide awake. I took over from my wife who needed to attend to her own needs.  The next day after trying to sleep, I went downstairs to the garage. It was early, the paint on the crib had dried up. The crib was looking befitting for a little baby. I carried it into the house and into the bedroom.

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