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Painting my ceilings with SandtexPaints

                               Painting my ceilings with SandtexPaints

It was a Saturday morning; the girls were at Karate class. My wife was with them and the painters were arriving any moment. The ceiling represents one-sixth of the space in a room, but too often it gets nothing more than a coat of white paint.

You’ve guessed it. The painters were coming to paint the ceilings a colour other than white. In fact, for decades, white has been considered not only the safest but also the best choice for ceilings.

There are times when it really is the perfect solution, but if you never consider anything beyond ordinary white, you may be missing an opportunity to add excitement and drama to a room. The paint on each ceiling was looking old and ugly. The kids’ room and dining room ceilings to be exact.

Light vs. Dark Ceilings: If you want the feeling that your walls are higher then paint your ceiling with a colour that is lighter than that of your walls. And if you want your walls to feel lower then paint your ceiling with a colour darker than that of your walls. “Lower” need not mean claustrophobic: Visually lowered ceilings can evoke cozy intimacy (That will come in handy when the wife and I come around to painting our bedroom ceiling). That’s what my wife and I learned from the Sandtex Experience Centre last week. We also learned the importance of light sources.

Light Sources: Consider the source and strength of light the room receives during the times you’re using it.

Paint Finish: Ceiling paint is usually flat, a benefit if you’re using a darker colour. Realize, however, that a ceiling must be in near-perfect condition since higher-sheen paints can call attention to surface flaws.

Color on the ceiling can enhance a room’s character, but don’t overdo it:


White ceilings are usually the best choice for a room.

If the walls are pale and therefore space-expanding, a white ceiling tends to open up space even more.

In a room that rarely receives natural light, a white ceiling helps boost the perceived illumination by reflecting whatever light is available.

If you’re interested in affecting the room’s character apply a contrasting colour to the ceiling. Not only will this bring a strong quality of light but will also alter your perception of the space.

Pay no attention to any rule that says that low ceilings require a light colour.

Here are some terrific colours to consider for a ceiling:

In the end my wife and I decided on Sandtex Isabella for the girls’ room and Sandtex Soft Yellow for the dining room. The Soft Yellow against Soft Yellow walls but separated by a 6 inch section painted white. It looked great once it was finished. By the time the girls returned from Karate and spending the day with their friends the Sandtex Isabella had dried up. It was looking beautiful also.

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