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Painting Your Dining Room In A Lockdown

Painting Your Dining Room In A Lockdown


Dining rooms, whether a set-apart chamber or a pass-through area that opens to a kitchen or family room, require colour schemes that advance a mood, help define the space, establish a style, and complement hues in neighbouring rooms and hallways. My wife and I invited some guests for our 5-year anniversary dinner party that we wanted to hold at our house. Unfortunately for us, the dining room was in a state of disarray, it looked unattractive.  We had just one week to plan for the event, that means we had less than one week to paint the dining room.


We visited the Sandtex Experience Centre at Lekki in the Lagos area. We went to pick colours to paint the dining room as SandtexPaints has the best hues to choose from. We even took our boys along to get an experience with Sandtex. We met a young man there and put us through on the kind of colours to choose from. This is what he said to us:

When selecting colours for your dining room, look for colour-combination inspiration from paint-manufacturer websites, shelter magazines, collections, adjacent spaces, fabric patterns. Consider how often you will be using the space and the kind of ambience you want to create. Think about the space size in case you have a small space and therefore need to enlarge it through the use of colour. Will you go with one colour or more? Will you use vibrant vibrant colours?

Most importantly, you will have to pick a colour palette that harmonizes with elements that are hard to replace such as heirloom furnishings, dining area flooring, tiled backsplashes, and built-in cabinets.

Red promotes liveliness and social interaction, as well as keeping the mood cheerful and upbeat. It is also believed to increase appetite, which is why Spanish restaurants are huge fans of deep red. You don’t have to pick too bright a red, and maroons or wine red are great to create an elegant dining atmosphere.


Orange will help keep you alert as you dine, and is often associated with stability, warmth, comfort and togetherness. It’s great because it creates an atmosphere of hospitality and general comfort for everyone, and helps in food digestion as well. You can balance out the orange by adding beige or wooden highlights.


Yellow promotes happiness, and when you’re happy you tend to eat better and digest your food more efficiently as well. Yellow makes a room feel more spacious, and is associated with sunny and cheerful days spent outdoors. Marry yellow walls with white highlights and fresh flowers to bring that outdoor feeling indoors.

Blue isn’t turquoise so let’s not confuse the two colours. Blue has been proven to reduce appetite and keep people away from food. Turquoise however, is a brilliant colour which represents freedom and rest. It’s often used in restaurants on plates and dishes especially on dessert plates since it’s known as an appetite stimulant.

Green advocates freshness and people seem to be attracted to this colour as promotes nature. Dining rooms with green walls also promote healthy eating. You need to choose the right hue of green for your dining room as dirty green isn’t quite suitable. Instead, pick a fresh shade of green that makes the room look bigger and brighter.

My wife and I decided to go with Sandtex Chartreuse. We had planned to buy the paint and have the dining room painted in a week’s time but, two days later, the Coronavirus pandemic began and so we had to stay at home. This changed our plans significantly.

When we called the Sandtex Experience Centre, the attendant was very sympathetic and caring. She assured us that SandtexPaints will deliver the paint to our doorstep. Two days later this was so. One week later the directive came for everyone to stay at home; The Lockdown was announced. Luckily we had some old paint brushes and rollers which meant that we had to paint the dining room by ourselves. The people at the SandtexPaints Experience Centre were very gracious again to give us some DIY tips which were very helpful like “Don’t let your paint dry out” and “Don’t wash your brushes or rollers”. Two days later the painting was finished. The dining room looked amazing. Pity we couldn’t celebrate as we had planned. The next best thing was to have close friends of the family stay over with us during the lockdown. These were my best man, his wife and my wife’s younger brother.

The day of the Anniversary celebration came. We sat at the dinner table beholding the newly painted Sandtex walls. It was a smaller gathering than we had hoped to have but it was still an exceptional event. The coronavirus tried its luck and failed thanks to the good caring people at SandtexPaints.




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