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Painting Your Guest Bathroom With SandtexPaints

Painting Your Guest Bathroom With SandtexPaints

Three months ago, we moved into our new bungalow in the Lekki area of Lagos State. We needed to paint the guest bathroom before my in-laws came to visit. We had painted the guest room, what remained was to paint the guest bathroom. This would be the bathroom that my in-laws and parents would use when they visit so it has to look radiant.

My wife and I visited a SandtexPaints Experience Centre to buy the paint. While we were there, we met a very friendly representative who taught us a lot about painting, especially painting a guest room. The representative told us how to choose the right colours for your guest room. Here is what he said:

Sandtex Bluebud makes a powerful statement in this modern bathroom design. Choosing a vivid colour for the walls and ceiling really makes the subway tile backsplash, artwork and fixtures pop.

Sandtex Puritan Black works beautifully with a colour that shines like silver. This combination brings a look of sophistication to any bathroom.

Metallic colours are what are in vogue at the moment, so why not incorporate them into your small bathroom design? Add instant elegance to the space with glimmering copper. Use mosaic tiles in shades of brown and neutral for the backsplash and a beautiful, floating marble countertop to complement the look and bring in additional interest and texture.

Pink is a feminine colour but it goes a long way to add fun patterns into any design. It also helps to counteract the brightly painted walls.

For those of you who don’t like bold or vibrant colours you can try a more subdued hue like this baby blue bathroom. Pair this blue hue with a sunny shade of yellow to liven up a room.

Dark purple walls add some femininity to the room, while the woodgrain cabinets and vanity bring in a hint of rustic style to this contemporary design. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles.

Painting yellow stripes on your walls will bring a fun, youthful vibe to a small bathroom. Less is better when it comes to the fixtures and accessories so as not to overwhelm the space.

A shade of red brings energy to your room. This is a great colour choice for the kids. Create a colourful gallery wall to decorate the empty space above the toilet and showcase your children’s artwork.

Sandtex Garden Cress provides a more soothing. When coupled with all-white fixtures, you’ll get a tranquil and rejuvenating space.

After hearing these suggestions from the representative, my husband and I took some time to decide what colour to choose to paint the guest bathroom. We spent about 10 minutes discussing what colour to choose to paint your guest bathroom. We decided to go with Sandtex Garden Cress because it gives a feeling of nature to our bathroom. We decided to combine it with the colour white. That same day we bought two paint rollers and went home we got what we needed prepared to paint the next day Saturday.

Saturday the next day we got started painting as early as 6 am and we were finished by noon. Come and look at the guest bathroom. It looked amazing. Now we were ready for our parents to come over. Two days later my parents in-law visited. They liked the bathroom, the perfect balance of the Sandtex Garden Cress and white. It was a winning combination. Thank you SandtexPaints.

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