Two weeks after we moved into our house, we painted it with Sandtex paint. Thereafter, the Lockdown was announced. Luckily our house was already painted and we were already working from home except for attending the odd meeting every now and then at the office.

We heard about the healing colours from a representative of a SandtexPaints Experience Centre in Ikeja, Lagos. These healing colours are commonly used in painting hospital walls. They influence moods, calm the nervous system and make the environment less provoking and peace inducing. It turns out that over centuries, many cultures across the world have employed colours for their healing powers. The representative, who was a young lady, also told us about the colours of healing as well as the ways to use them to recover from disease. These colours can be used for a room and can significantly change the patient’s mood and bring about many mind and body benefits. These were the healing colours she revealed to me and my wife which we eventually used to paint our home:


The colour red is a passionate and warm colour which induces vitality and stimulates energy. It increases adrenaline and elevates blood pressure; that is why it should be avoided where the patient is suffering from hypertension. It is also the reason why red is used in small doses in hospitals. However at home, red can stimulate appetite in weak patients. It can also alleviate depression. It is one of the top healing colours for enhancing sexual appetite and overall vitality. My wife and I certainly did not want to use the colour red for the guest rooms where our parents would be staying when they come over. We liked Sandtex Passion which is a dark shade of red. We eventually chose it for the dining room.


If you are painting your children’s rooms, orange is your colour. It is commonly used for the walls in the children’s ward in hospitals. Orange radiates warmth and is associated with joy and happiness. This was the colour we obviously chose for our children’s room. SandtexPaints offered Gloriosa which is a gentle shade of orange.


The colour yellow is another colour used in hospitals. This bright and cheerful colour can help stimulate intelligence and also detoxify the body and mind to heal patients quickly. Yellow is a colour particularly recommended for patients with skin problems and can also inspire creativity in people who feel sluggish or lethargic. This was also perfect for the children’s room which is why we chose to combine Candlelight (A SandtexPaints shade of yellow) with the orange hue called Gloriosa.


The colour Green is a restful colour that symbolizes growth and renewal. It also encourages comfort and equilibrium and is particularly beneficial for the heart, lungs and circulatory system. We chose a SandtexPaints shade of green called Sweet Lyric for our living room.

Blue is a spiritual colour and also the colour of the sky and sea. Blue is associated with calm and serenity. It helps lower blood pressure and can reduce rapid heart rate. Blue is relaxing for the mind and body. We decided to go with a SandtexPaints shade of blue called Flattery to paint the guest rooms for our parents when they come to visit. The colour blue is associated with organs like eyes, ears and nose.

Pink is a protective and compassionate colour that heals and soothes. Pink is also a lighthearted colour that stimulates happiness. Too much of bright pink might stimulate energy and incite passionate behavior just like the colour red. The colour Pink can also be used in prisons to reduce erratic behavior.

Both, purple and violet are connected with spirituality. These two healing colours are also linked with perception, higher consciousness and insight. They are very important to health because they are linked with the cerebral and nervous systems. My wife and I liked Plum Splendour and Purple Haze which are dark and light shades of the colour purple. We both decided to use this combination for the prayer and devotional room.

After the walls were painted, we were amazed at how the different SandtexPaints shades looked. We liked them so much, that we took pictures and posted them on our instagram and facebook timelines. We were excited when we saw that each picture had attracted a lot of attention. We also saw some of the effects of these colours in our children and in our parents when they came to visit. In fact, my wife and I decided to also use the Passion red for our bedroom with a lighter shade of red. It was amazing.



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