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Painting Your House With Sandtex Matt

 Painting Your House With Sandtex Matt

The month of July is known for heavy rain in Nigeria as it marks the beginning of a three-month rainy cycle. It started pouring nonstop at the beginning, but now the sun is shining. Thank God my husband and I used Sandtex Matt for our walls. However, we still had some things to do to keep our house protected during the rainy season.

We purchased 3 cans of Sandtex Matt paint. One can containing a deep colour of paint costing N32,250, another can containing a light colour of paint costing N29,025 and the third can containing a special colour of paint costing N38,700. Each of these attracted a 7.5 % VAT bringing the total to N99, 975. We purchased the paint for the purpose of protecting our walls from the rain and its ability to inhibit mould and fungi growth.

Our house is a two storey building with three bedrooms. Painting the house was a two week job for us working at our own pace during that lockdown. The white Sandtex Matt was used for the corridors, the deep colour for the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms, while the special colour was used to paint the bedrooms. When the work was done the walls looked beautiful. We had to take pictures, they were that good. Each of our photos attracted a lot of attention.

Looking back at the painting process, we had a lot fun together. All our paint brushes were brand new.

If I’m to advice anyone planning to get his or her house painted, I would say as much fun as it is, that you should get professional painters to do a more professional job.

During our last visit to the SANDTEX paints experience center two weeks ago, we met a friendly and courteous salsa representative who shared these useful tips on keeping our house safe from the adverse effects of the heavy downpour. These were some of the tips we were given by him:



When gutters and drainages are clogged, certainly there will be consequences. One of these consequences is the neighbourhood becoming prone to erosion. That is the flow of water eroding the neighbourhood. The water flowing from a clogged gutter builds up on the sides of your home thereby causing the foundation and the ground around it to weaken.


This consequence lowers the value of your home so; clearing drainages and gutters is of the utmost importance. Potential house owners will not be too eager to purchase a house in an area with a clogged drainage system. Therefore, to avoid bringing down the value of your home you must learn to clear and maintain drainages and gutters around your house.

Clearing the gutters in your house isn’t something you have to do on your own, you can get people to do it for a small wage. Ensure that the drainages are not clogged with dirt and empty plastic bottles or pure water satchets.

This activity should be done once before the rains come, clearing the gutters should be a part of your weekly schedule. It must be done regularly. Already my husband and I pay the gateman extra to clear the gutter in front of our house.

A leaking roof or one that caves in under heavy rainfall is not something you want to deal with after the rainy season has started. This is why it is advised that you pay attention to this. Get a professional to take a look at your roof and affirm that it is in good condition for the rainy season. In essence, ensure your roof is checked for cracks. Any detected crack should be repaired in good time. Luckily for us my husband’s brother is an architect so he was able to get someone to examine our roof for us. Luckily there were no cracks.

Carrying out a thorough inspection of the walls around your house is a must. This is to identify any wall cracks. If any cracks in your walls are spotted, employ the service of professionals to seal them. If cracked walls are left unrepaired, rainwater will find its way through the cracks in the walls which will result in dampness causing respiratory illnesses.

Checking the walls for cracks was one of the first things my husband and I did before we bought it. The walls were in very good condition.

Cutting grass around your house is another way to keep your house safe during the rainy season. Grass is a natural habitat for rats and a host of other animals you don’t want to have around your home. My husband and I hired a gardener to trim the small garden we had in the backyard.

We all know what can happen when water and electric wires meet. Ensure you check all electrical wires and cables in the house and ensure that there aren’t  any exposed cables lying on the floor of your house. My husband and I are very careful when it comes to cables and wires because we don’t wish for a fatal accident.

When water is left to stagnate inside or around the house, the result is mosquito infestation which is the last thing you need. This will have a negative effect of making one become prone to catching malaria. Therefore making sure those areas are clear of water is important.

Inspections on your windows and doors must be carried out monthly to be sure. Just before the rainy season comes into full swing, you should give a detailed inspection to your doors and windows. Make sure all the hinges in your doors and windows are intact and in good condition. If you find out that they are damaged, consider having them removed and replaced.

Protect your wooden doors by painting or varnishing them. This prevents them from absorbing moisture or rainwater. This is done best before the start of the rainy season.

Before the rainy season arrives, make sure your house is comfortable. Ensure you have all that you need and get rid of things that could make the season difficult for you.

Looking back at the painting process, we had a lot fun together. All our paint brushes were brand new. If I’m to advice anyone planning to get their house painted, I would say as much fun as it is, that you should get professional painters to do a more professional job.


So far, so good! Everything has been fine. The walls are beautiful; the Sandtex Matt has lived up to its name.






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