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Tips For Picking Colours When Painting Your Home

It is getting to the end of the year and my mum loves repainting the house and redecorating before the new year. This year she decided to start the process earlier than usual and for the first time, she is more concerned with using colours that would complement each other in every part of the house.

One of the main challenges people face when painting their home is the art of incorporating everybody’s style and colours and making sure it complements each other. Especially when dealing with kids with opinions and different preferences.

The first part to painting your whole house is selecting the colour to use for your living room. Once you have a paint colour picked for your living room, one simple way to move on is to choose shades of the same hue for adjacent rooms or walls. For instance, if you pick the Sandtex Sapphire Magic, you can mix it up with the Sandtex Delphinium colour since it is a lighter shade of the same hue.

My brother loves the colour Blue and I love Purple so the trick to colour scheming when painting both rooms would be to mix colours close on the colour wheel. For instance, you could mix the Sandtex Aubergine (Like a mauve colour) with the Sandtex Goldilocks (yellow) and watch your room come to life. You could even paint the room with a monotone colour and experiment with different colours when decorating the room. Explore more colours with your curtains, pillows and room accessories.

The best tip when painting is to paint your own swatches on the walls of each room, this will allow you to assess the colour in each room and check that the colours visually work together.

Source: Forbes, HouseBeautiful

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