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This Is How You Know A Professional Painter

In identifying a professional painter, we are often tempted to first of all check for one with a university degree or one from a respectable training institute. But, does that completely guarantee that you will get the best result?

You may ask, “How then can I know a professional painter before getting to work with him?”

There are qualities of a professional painter that can be noticed much before you get to work with him/her. So, for your next paint job, check the professionalism of your painter with these key qualities.

  • Timeliness
  • Attention to details
  • Wealth of experience
  • Cleanliness
  • Courtesy



If at your first appointment you had to wait so long for the painter to arrive, without any pre-notice from him/her of a delay, such a painter could have a clause you will need to watch out for.

A professional painter should understand the need to be early, especially when dealing with a new customer and should do everything possible to make it to an appointment on time or give heads-up if there will be a delay.


Attention To Detail

A perfect paint job is one in which every detail of the space is considered. Test the painter’s attention to detail. You can show him/her a portion of a wall that has a little rough edge and possibly nail holes. Then ask him to examine the space and tell you all that needs to be done to get a perfect job done in that space.

If he doesn’t notice the nail holes that need to be filled or the rough edges to be smoothened out, he might not be as professional as you expected.

If you do not have a surface for the test, you can engage the painter in a chat on his past jobs. From the dialogue, you should get a clue on what matters most to him – quality or money.


Organization Skills

A professional painter is often concerned on how to do a neat and organised job. He/she will probably request to see the space to be painted, find the most convenient time for the painting and list out the materials, aside from the paint, needed for the job.

This is because proper planning and organisation makes the work flow easier – something only professionals would understand.

If the painter in question is least concerned about any of these but is ready to discuss pricing and when to start, you might want to pause a little with him/her.



A bad attitude could tell a lot about a person and his approach to work. Courtesy is a good attribute of a professional painter, as he must have dealt with different groups of people and now understands how well to behave with a customer.

Just as good exposure could sharpen a person’s demeanour, it is the same with painters who work as professionals in their field. Their exposure should have taught them courtesy.


Wealth Of Experience

Though experience should not be the only bases for choosing a painter, it is a necessary quality to look out for. An experienced painter is expected to have over the years, learnt the best practices in both relating with customers and also in doing business.

He/she should be able to recommend designs and paint brands and their products that would suit a particular space and give the best results. Where the painter has no idea on designs and appropriate colours for rooms in the home or office, such a painter might not be professional.

Life is better when you have the best result with all your paintings.


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  1. Suggestions made by you is very important while choosing a expert. It will help a lot of people who wants to hire a contractor. We should also look for the past reviews and the services offered by the professional like written warranty and if the company is licensed or not. Between your tips are appreciable as these are the most important details which should be noted while hiring a painter.

  2. My husband and I are wanting to get the inside of our home repainted. We are wanting to hire a professional to do, but are curious to know how to find the right one. I never took into account when it comes to choosing one that we would want one with organization skills. This makes sense so that we know that the person we hire will keep the job neat and professional.

    • Right! Glad we could help. We hope you find the right painter and we hope your home looks awesome after it has been painted.

  3. Great line up. We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  4. Hello my friend! I want to say that this post is awesome, nicely written and includes approximately all vital infos. I’d like to see more posts like this.

  5. Thanks for the information on choosing a professional painter. My wife and I really want to have our exterior painted before the summer. We want to update the look of our home, but we want to find the best painter possible to do it. Thanks for mentioning that a good painter will have great attention to detail. That way, they won’t miss anything and will make your entire paint job look great.

    • Exactly! It’s the little things that count. We are so glad we could help you. We hope you find the best painter possible!

  6. I like how you mentioned that experience is something that should be paid attention to when choosing a painter. My husband and I are going to be putting our house up for sale soon, and we want it to be in good condition to appeal to potential buyers. We want to hire someone to repaint the outside of our house, so maybe we’ll take experience into consideration so we know the painter we choose has good knowledge.

  7. Very interesting write up. Pls I want to make an enquiry how I can be part of your registered Painter in your company. Though I have a registered company specializing in interior exterior painting services.

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