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Psychology of Colour: What You should Know About Blue

You know how they say that blue blood runs in a person’s veins? And you begin to wonder, when did the colour of one’s blood turn blue? What does blue blood mean?

Primarily, the colour blue is one of the basic hues of colours that cannot be gotten by mixing any other hues or pigment of colours. Blue is the colour of the mind. That is why it is also regarded as the colour of clear communication, intelligence, courage and articulation. It is essentially soothing. It affects us mentally, not hurting the eyes with too much light or sharpness like the red colour, and is a very calm and sensitive colour. Psychologists believe that a stronger shade of blue stimulates clearer thought process and articulateness. While lighter blue can almost sooth a baby, as it is calm and aids concentration.psychology of blue

Psychologically, blue is associated with Peace, Serenity, Loyalty, Intelligence, Logic and of course Nobility. That is why royalty are said to have blue blood flowing in their veins. How does the colour affect people’s mood? According to research, blue has been seen to be a very conservative colour. It’s just too safe, hence it is declared to be the world’s most liked colour of all. It is also very predictable; it is not impulsive or spontaneous and doesn’t like to be rushed. Blue also has the attribute of orderliness and is the code of order and sequence. However, blue can be rigid, not adapting easily. It doesn’t like to change abruptly; instead it will do things its way. It can also be a good colour for aiding meditation, exercises and relaxation.

psychology of blue

Negative attributes of blue include aloofness, cold, unemotional, stubbornness and unappetizing because only few food in the world are of the blue colour. Some dieticians even suggest that serving food in a blue dish makes a person eat less. The basic variations of blue include deep blue, sky blue, light blue, dark blue and azure blue.

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