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How Sandtex Was Able To Save My Friend’s Party

My friend called me last week and she screamed with so much excitement. If she wasn’t married, the level of her excitement would have got me thinking that her boo had just proposed to her. I was able to calm her down and ask her why she was that happy.

She told me that her husband had finally agreed to her proposal of them hosting an Easter party at their house. She is the fun-loving type while her husband is more reserved. She said she had not hosted any party after her second daughter’s naming ceremony and she wanted this one to be very unique.

Her husband told her to go ahead and make all the major plans towards making the party a success. One of her major concerns as she said, was making sure she had the best ambience for her home. She told me that they last painted the house two years ago and she was not quite impressed because the paint had already started to peel off the wall in the compound.

She also said her children had already used their pencils, crayons and messy hands to spoil the painting in the living room, and this gave her so much concern. She could not imagine her guests coming in and finding her place unattractive.

Of course, as I listened to her, I just smiled, because I knew exactly what would make her satisfied. All she needed was a paint product of premium quality that was not only durable but also affordable.  I told her about Sandtex paints and I gave her my word that she would enjoy it.

She visited the Sandtex Experience centre closest to her house to pick out the exact colours she had in mind and the paint that suited exactly what she wanted. In the process, she got to know that Sandtex paints could help her blend colours and create her own unique colour.

Immediately she left the centre, she called me sounding so excited about her Sandtex experience and how she would recommend the paint to all of her friends. She said she would tell them about how she has found the best paint brand in Nigeria and that with Sandtex Paints, the possibilities are just endless.

You too should try out Sandtex paints and thank me later.

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