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How Sandtex Paints Helped Make My Babysitting Easy

I had just recently planned on starting a neighbourhood babysitting business. My husband suggested that we had to redesign the house to create a child-friendly environment, I figured that would be a huge responsibility but it was necessary if I had to fully start up the business.

I was pretty excited about the whole idea of redesigning that I spent 12 out of 24 hours every day searching for the best interior designers, the goal was to create a feel of a child-friendly environment, but I also wanted something classy as we hadn’t redesigned in five years.

Messages started to fly out to the designers and each of them responded with proposals and quotations and we ended picking one that met with all our requirements. Pocket-friendly, child-friendly, classy and most importantly a lover of Sandtex paints.

I had to leave my home for two weeks to allow the designers to do their job. During this period, I spent hours worrying about the final outlook and also periodically called the painters to track the progress.  As the D-Day approached, I had mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety.

Gosh!!! I always relive the moment I stepped into my re-painted apartment. It looked so elegant that it took the reserved lady out of me. I couldn’t get a hold of myself.

The Sandtex paints used for the walls, doors and ceiling glorified the look. The doors were super shiny, the ceilings were richly matted, and the wall coating had full coverage. The part I was most excited about was the crèche room. It has various wall arts, well childproofed and pretty arranged. I had not felt that happy in my house in years.

Excitingly, I invited my cousin Daniella over for a drink, err well not a drink, it was to show off the newly designed apartment. She was equally as excited as I was after seeing the apartment and insisted I babysit her children as she just recently moved into my area. I agreed and she became my first client. I had little or no experience in babysitting but I am very fond of kids and I felt I could handle them, well so I thought.

Babysitting can be really stressful especially for first-timers, previously I was very sensitive to maintaining the colour of the walls, given that it is inevitable for it to be stained with the kids around.

Well, the real test came when my cousin’s children came the next day, Daniella has two kids David who is 5 years old and Yvonne who is 2 years old. While David is very calm, Yvonne is the complete opposite, you know what they say about the terrible twos. From the moment they stepped into my house, Yvonne was already working my nerves.

While I was trying to change her dirty diaper, I got a call and had to hurriedly rush outside to pick up a package, on return, I met a redesigned wall, yes dear, a wall redesigned with poop. Apparently the diaper I removed before the call had been used to redesign the wall.

“Yvonne!!” I called loudly, as she continued even after she heard her name the first time.

I got so mad, I started to panic and cry. I called my interior designer to tell her what had happened and ask her how I could fix the damage that had been done. Bisi, my interior designer very calmly reminded me about the fact that the crèche area was painted using SANDTEX SATIN PAINT premium emulsion with a mild sheen effect that gives walls a wipeable finish when stained.

Imagine my relief when I washed the wall and the poop came off like it was never there before.  That experience was definitely a defining moment and it increased the drive I had to be better at babysitting but it would never have been seamless for me if my repainted apartment didn’t save me the stress of cleaning up every-time the kids make a mess.

Sandtex Paints literally saved my business.

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