It was just months ago my daughter, Tami clocked one and was among one of the toddlers to appear in a commercial for a new diaper line. However, any time I remember how this came to be, I just can’t help but wonder what her mother and I would have done without our Sandtex Satin Cranberry coloured living room wall paint.

We were so excited that our baby girl was turning one and wanted to give her the best birthday photoshoot ever and also use the pictures for a picture contest entry of a new diaper line. We looked up various baby photoshoot ideas on the internet as well as photo studios and photographers who were into children photography. We finally decided to go to a photo studio a few streets away from our apartment building. We wanted a personal feel to the pictures, so my wife and I agreed we would take our own props for the birthday shoot.

The day finally came and we were so nervous and excited at the same time. We had arranged everything we would be needing to take for the photoshoot the previous night even though the shoot was scheduled for 1 pm. Yes! We were that prepared and nothing could stop us… or so we thought. We planned to set out an hour before time even though the photo studio was just 15 minutes from our residence. Around 11:30 am, I received a call from the photo studio that our photo session was cancelled because they were having technical issues and the next available time would be in ten days. I was so furious I yelled at the receptionist over the phone and demanded a refund. I told my wife what had happened and we both agreed we quickly book a photo session at another available photo studio in order to meet up with the timeline of the contest. After so many phone calls, we finally got one and prepared to set out. Just as we were about to leave our apartment building, a heavy rain started.

By the time the rain was over, we couldn’t go anywhere as it was getting dark already. We went back into our apartment and stayed in the living room, while we brooded over our wasted efforts. Suddenly, our daughter took her first steps, my wife hurriedly grabbed her phone to capture the moment. When we checked out the videos and pictures she took, we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful our wall paint appeared. It was so smooth, glossy and gently radiant like a studio backdrop. I couldn’t believe we were so fixated on going to a photo studio that we were blind to the awesomeness of our Sandtex Satin Cranberry coloured wall paint. We quickly set up our props against our wall and thankfully, I have a camera at home.

My wife and I, though not professional photographers, managed to take beautiful pictures with our Sandtex painted wall heavily complimenting for our little photography skills. We were also able to enter our daughter for the picture contest before the due date. I was so happy that we were able to actualize our dream photoshoot for our daughter, enter her for the contest and also save the money we were supposed to use for a professional photoshoot. Imagine killing three birds with one stone. Phenomenal!

However, it wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t make the right decision of choosing Sandtex Paints for our walls in the first place.

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