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Sometimes, Colour Might Be Everything

Imagine if painted houses are not “traditionally” accepted. Imagine if flowers, leaves, and plants didn’t exist. Imagine if there were no flamingos, peacocks and birds. Imagine if the word “colour “did not exist. If we did not know that something could be bright or dull? How do you think the world would have turned out?

The role of colour in our world is in fact mind blowing, even on a subconscious level. This explains why Sandtex Paints stocks an array of over 15, 000 colours that make varying shades of statements. Imagine going into a restaurant that is painted only black. How much fun do you think you will have in that restaurant? What about the fact that a person who wears black all the time is considered gothic, sinister or just plain weird.

If you think about it, you’ll agree that colour influences a lot of things: first impressions, moods, choices, taste, clothing, fashion etc. If you still doubt, let us show you why colour might be everything.

Let’s talk about moods

There are days you just feel blue and unimpressed by anything. There are also days you are bubbly and full of life, right? Did you know that colours also influence these mood swings? You can use external factors to pull yourself out of a bad mood. How? Take colours for example. You may not know this, but colours speak. If you realize that you are constantly in a bad mood, change that on the subconscious level by putting up lively colours around you. Orange or a shade of it, pink or yellow ‘dance fever’ from Sandtex Paints can dramatically turn up the general appearance of a space.

You can also achieve this with a fashion outlook. When applied as a wall finishing, it elevates a space and gives the subtle push you need to enter a better mood. If you need some calm, blue shade would do.  For energy, something in the red family like our “Quick Kiss” or “English Fire” could fit right in! (Even the names already make you smile).

Let’s talk about attitudes or personalities

Wearing certain combinations of colours make the people that meet you instantly think something about you. If you’ve ever gotten off to a bad start with someone because of this, you can change that with a little shift in your use of colour, which will also help people to shift perception of you. Studies have shown that colours and fashion go a long way to shape what mood we are in and they also have the ability to influence how we feel.

Let’s talk food

How do you know a bad food? By its colour, smell and lastly taste. Bad food could sometimes have little or no smell, so the only way to stop yourself from eating it is the colour. Black food sends a burnt signal. Brown and sometimes green, sends a decaying signal. These subconscious tags with colour help us protect ourselves from harmful foods.

Let’s talk signs and lights

Red means…? Yellow means…? Green means…? White means…? We probably know what these colours mean, as they are universal. If you see a red sign, even if the writing is in a foreign language, you’ll automatically know it means stop or danger, depending on the situation. Try going to a country where you don’t know the language and you’ll discover that these colours are literally lifesavers.

Colours save our lives, help us defend ourselves, improve our moods, help us identify things, bring life to things and are just so beautiful.

So yes, sometimes, colour might be everything.







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