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Spotlight: Unique Benefits of Gloss Paint

What comes to your mind when you hear glossy? Lipstick, shimmers, stars or sparkles? In a way, glossy can be likened to all of these and more.

So what then do you think a glossy paint would look like? – Sparkling!

What’s more? It is a bold and bright finish, not only significantly brighter than other finishes of the same colour, it is also your best bet for creating amazing colour effects.

Though traditionally used for doors, modern fashion has a different opinion of glossy paints. You can take advantage of the many benefits of gloss paints in other rooms and areas of your home.



Think of a gloss finish in areas like your bathrooms or kitchens, particularly, the area above the cooker, which is more prone to dirt and might require regular cleaning to maintain the beauty.


It has a highly resistant nature to moisture and its ability to withstand multiple scrubbings, makes it an easier surface to clean than other finishes.

Think of all the times your kids, or other children visiting your home, decorated your walls with their adorable, but rather displeasing crayon “works of art”.

Now think of the ease with which you can rectify such situations on a gloss paint finished surface, also suitable for wood, metal and industrial surfaces.

sandtex_Gloss kitchen-interior

Our highly durable, Sandtex Gloss, multi-purpose quick drying enamel paint, is available in all regular colours, covering up to 45-50sqm per gallon.

Now you have a good option for durability and beauty. Choose from our range of paints and give your space the desired look and feel.

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