Keep away from extreme temperature

One of the most important methods for storing paint is keeping it away from places that can get extremely hot, cold or humid.This usually means keeping it out of a garage or shed that gets really hot and humid during the day or cold during harmattan. When paint gets really hot, it dries up and when it gets cold, the paint can separate and create a curdled mess. Also, the moisture from humidity can rust the paint cans, and when you go to open up the lid, flakes of that rust can get into the paint.

It is often best to store paint in a cool dry place.

Ensure the paint can is tightly sealed

Paint stores best when it’s sealed in an airtight container. Fortunately, paint cans are able to do this naturally, but many people compromise this at the very start when they go to crack the lid.

It’s best not to use a screwdriver or kitchen knife to open up a can of paint, as it can dent or warp the lid and compromise the airtight seal. Instead, use a proper paint can opener which is specifically designed to open up paint can lids without damaging it.

After painting and you want to cover your paint can with its lid, use a rubber mallet and gently tap on the lid all around the edge to seat it into the can’s groove. Don’t use a hammer, as it can also dent and warp the lid, ruining that airtight seal. If you don’t have a rubber mallet, place a piece of wood over the lid and use a hammer to tamp the lid down.

Alternatively, you can put a layer of plastic wrap over the paint can opening before putting the lid back on, in order to aid sealing up the can completely.

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