Most often, painters buy paint in excess, resulting in some leftover. It is usually not such a bad idea, as the surplus paint is almost always needed for touch-ups.  However, what ends up being bad is when the need for that excess paint arises and you realize that your paint is either dried up or is curdled, making it unusable.

To stay free from this common problem, here are some tips you can use when storing left over paint for both metal and plastic containers;

  • Paint and extreme temperatures don’t go hand in hand. If it freezes then it will spoil while excessive heat will dry it out. It is, therefore, advisable to store your paint in a cool, dry place like a basement or a wardrobe, which must be low in moisture and temperature controlled.
  • Avoid high moisture to prevent your can, if metal, from rusting.
  • Keep metal cans off the concrete floor to avoid rusting.
  • Keeping air out of your paint prolongs its lifetime, so keep it sealed as tightly as possible.
  • Clean the rim of the container and wipe off any excess paint to prevent it from drying and making it difficult to seal it.
  • You can also use a layer of plastic wrap to act as a gasket between the container and the lid.

how to store leftover paints


  • Avoid using a hammer to seal your metal container as that might leave a dent and allow air to enter. Instead, use a rubber mallet if you can get one.
  • You can also transfer your paint to smaller glass jars with lids and label them appropriately with the correct information, so as to allow ease of identification.
  • Avoid exposing your paint to direct heat or placing it beside sources of heat like heaters, generators etc.

storing leftover paints

With the implementation of these tips, the shelf life of your used paints is bound to increase. Be prepared for such eventualities. Ensure you always buy quality paints that have good storage value. Choose quality paints like Sandtex paints.

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