I have always been a lover of books right from elementary school, so you can imagine my joy when my parents finally allowed me to use the store room as my personal study room. My head was blazing with ideas on how to decorate, what furniture to use, what colour to paint the walls amongst so many other ideas. Amidst all the worries and doubts I had for my study room décor, I knew for certain that I would only use Sandtex Paints for my walls. How? Simple! It is affordable, durable, easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colours and textures.

After so much ado, I eventually came up with a plan on how to go about decorating my study room.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how I went about it.

  1. Choosing the right wall paint

Considering I had a small space to work with, I opted for lighter colour shades instead of darker hues so my space can look bigger than it actually is. Also, I didn’t choose overly bright hues like those of yellow or red because they don’t help with concentration and since it’s a study room, concentration is key.

  1. Shelving my study room

After selecting a colour for my wall, I chose an open shelf system in order to maximize my small space.


  1. Choosing the right chair and table

Knowing for a fact that comfort is key when studying, I chose a table top big enough to accommodate all the writing material I plan to use frequently like my books, pencil case, and computer. It was important to me that I picked a comfortable chair I could sit in for long hours as well as one which would take up less space.

To get maximum comfort, I ensured that my table top was at a level between my rib cage and waist so I can comfortably rest my elbows on it.

Aside from the desk and other work-related elements, I also included a comfortable nook where I can relax, read and study.

If you don’t like working at a desk or table, you could choose a comfy couch or chair instead. You may want a lap desk to write on as well.

  1. Lighting up my study room

Since I couldn’t depend on natural light from the window any time I wanted to study after dark, I got a table lamp which is bright enough to prevent me from straining my eyes.

  1. Personalizing with my favourite art

I added a framed picture of my favourite animation just to add a personal feel to my study room.

When organizing your own space, you could also hang framed pictures of yourself, friends, family, posters of your favourite places, work of your favourite artists, motivational quotes or anything that reflects your personality.

Tada!!! Final outcome of my study room.


Organizing my study room was a pleasurable experience for me and I would love to do it all over again but first, I have to go study. Chao!

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