Several things make an impression on the human brain. Some are the smell, taste, touch and interestingly, colour. The human brain registers different things when in contact with several colours, which is why one has to be very careful and precise when picking the colour they wish to paint a particular space.

It has been psychologically proven that the colour you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional wellbeing of you and your family. Therefore it is paramount that you pick the right colours, not just for your home but any other space, which you occupy and function in, like your office.


When picking colours for your home, you must first consider the primary function of each room.

Living Room

The colours to be considered for your living room are red, yellow, orange, brown and beige. These colours stimulate conversation and create an atmosphere of warmth. This is to ensure that your living room radiates with warmth, fun, comfort and positive energy, all of which create a relaxing and amiable atmosphere for your living room.


It is a well-known fact that culinary experts regard Red and Yellow as most appropriate for your kitchen, as they help to stimulate appetite. However, it is advisable to stay away from Red for your kitchen, if you are trying to lose weight, due to its ability to stimulate one’s appetite.

choosing your kitchen color

Dining Room

Although most dining areas are located in the sitting room, for those that have separate areas designated for consuming their meals, just like the kitchen, the colours red and yellow and good options.


In order to achieve a calm and relaxing atmosphere, cool colours like blue, green or lavender are suggested to stimulate the atmosphere of your bedroom. However, this could differ with the individual, as some people like to make their bedrooms very personal and therefore choose colours that suit their personality or preference.

choosing your bedroom colors


When painting one’s bathroom warm colours like white and cream are advisable as they denote cleanliness and purity. However, in recent times where bathrooms have evolved into private corners for relaxation and rejuvenation, colours that can achieve this atmosphere include blue-green, turquoise and aquamarine.

Home Office

If you’re someone that likes to work from home, then the colour suggested for your workspace is green, as it has been described as the colour of concentration. You might also read these Interior and Exterior Paint Colors , Art of Color Blending , COLOR AND ITS EFFECTS ON YOUR EMOTIONS

Now, your home no longer has to have a monotonous theme with just one or two colours. Light up your home using Sandtex Paints, available in various colours, giving your home a well-balanced colour structure.

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