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Tips On How To Paint A Room Yourself

I like experimenting with new things a lot and one thing I have always wanted to do was paint a room myself from start to finish. I started watching a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) videos on Youtube about painting, and I finally got to the point where I felt like I could paint the room.

My husband insisted that I experiment with the store because he did not want me to tamper with any other room in the house. I knew the colour I wanted to use was dark blue because the colour of my kitchen is yellow.

I went to the Sandtex Experience Centre at Ikeja, Lagos because that was where Yusuf, my painter got the paints he used when we painted our house. I told the attendant the colour I wanted and she showed me their colour chart. I ended up picking the Sandtex Mysterious colour because it was exactly what I wanted.

The paint I chose to use was the Sandtex Satin because I wanted something I would be able to wipe if it gets stained, and it was the same paint used for my kitchen. Trust me, painting is not beans o, it took me two days to finish painting just the store. The amazing part was the fact that the paint dried quickly after painting.

Here are some of the tips that worked for me:

  • Although I didn’t have to scrape, sand, patch, and fill any hole in the wall, that is usually the first step when painting a wall.
  • Invest in good brushes and rollers because they also play a huge role in how your finished work will look.
  • Apply a good primer coat especially if the walls were previously painted in dark colours, if the wall has stains or if it hasn’t been painted before.
  • Use old rags or newspapers to cover the floors so it doesn’t get stained. Use nylon to cover the light switch, outlets and doorknobs so that they don’t get stained either.
  • Dress prepared because this is going to be a messy job.
  • To make clean up easier, line your paint tray with a plastic bag before you pour your paint.

Even my husband couldn’t believe that I could paint that well. I think it turned out well because I used Sandtex Paints. Feel free to do more research and share with me.

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