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What’s On The Outside Is More Important Than What’s On The Inside

What’s On The Outside Is More Important Than What’s On The Inside

After my husband and I moved into our new house, we decided to
paint the exterior walls. The interior was already painted with
SandtexPaints but the exterior wasn’t. The exterior walls were looking
very old, tired and in need of re-painting so, once again we went to
the same Sandtex Experience Centre we went to before. We met with
the same painting expert who helped us with our interior décor.
Again, we were given another lecture about painting. Here’s what he
had to say:
Painting the exterior of your house is a huge job but, the rewards are
great. While you may spend a substantial amount on tools and paint,
A good paint job requires countless hours of careful preparation. The
same job done by a pro could easily cost many times more but it is
well worth it.
Of course, we were going to get professionals for the job because it
saves time, energy and guarantees quality results.
He went on about choosing good colours:
Picking the right exterior colour can be crucial. It’s even more
important than your interior in terms of first impressions. We’re here
to share some classic favourites to help you decide on the perfect
tone for your own home whether you’ve decided on just one shade
suitable for your home. Here are some colours for you:

Sandtex Chaps (Smooth Chocolate)

It’s not black but dark enough, it is more timeless and easier on the
eyes. Chocolate brown is great because it communicates a welcome
home vibe. If you have a large house then this colour will work
perfectly especially paired with a soft green and a creamy white for a
more natural look.

Sandtex Water’s Edge (Sky blue)
It’s cheerful, yet serene and relaxing. Everyone loves blue. It’s
reminiscent of the ocean, the sky and balances out emotions for a
calming effect as it is also an important healing colour. It’ll definitely
brighten up the neighbourhood.

Sandtex Sunny Daisy (White)
You can’t go wrong with White for your exterior walls. It fuses well
with a variety of shutter shades as well as dark and bright colours.

Sandtex Vineyard Green (Natural, Warm Green)
If you want to make a statement, then this natural, warm green is
perfect. Sandtex Vineyard Green is a rustic, vintage colour if you are
into such a look for your exterior.

Sandtex Florentine (Hazey, Mysterious Grey)
Grey is easy, it’s light but still has that mysterious side that makes
everyone feel welcome and excited. It’s a colour that blends well with
any theme you choose to go with for your exterior.

Sandtex Nectar (Happy, Playful Yellow)
A classic look for the classic family home, yellow makes everyone
smile. It may not be the best to dress your bedroom in but it surely
shines outside.
Sandtex Passion (Vibrant, Brick Red)
With such a bold colour, not only will your house bring a vibrant touch
to the neighbourhood but also stand out.
Sandtex Puritan Black (Bold, Midnight Black)
Black is classy! The colour black will bring a more sophisticated way
to clothe your home. For the ultimate blend of colours combine black
with white and enjoy the wonders you see.
Sandtex Sand Dune (Sandy, Beachy Beige)
Who wants to go to the beach? I do. This beige sand like colour is
amazing for beach goers or those that live in coastal areas. It’s upbeat
but still makes for a great foundation.
Sandtex Yacht Blue (Dark, Neutral Navy)
This dark blue colour is strong, and also stylish. Use it on uniquely
styled houses for an interesting style.

After listening to these colour choices, my husband and I decided to
go with Sandtex Sand Dune. This was because my husband and I like

the sandy colour which reminds us of the beach since we live in the
Eko Atlantic area of lagos.

2 weeks later, the exterior walls are all beiged up courtesy of
Sandtex Sand Dune. It’s so beautiful and mesmerizing. What can I say
but, we were right in choosing this beachy colour. It blends well with
the Eko Atlantic surroundings.

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