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Hempel Marine/Protective Coatings

Portland Paints is an accredited representative of Hempel, a renowned Marine and Protective coatings company from Denmark which provides coating solutions for the Shipping, Oil and Gas, Pipelines and related Industries for the protection of infrastructure exposed to corrosive and aggressive environments.

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Hempel's protective coatings cover a wide range of applications in the industrial world, from oil and gas and power generation to infrastructure and light industry. Whatever industry you’re working in, we can provide a coating solution for your needs.

Our protective coatings are found in almost every country in the world, protecting industrial structures and essential infrastructure from the corrosive forces of nature. With a wide product range and local R&D teams, we work with you to tailor each solution to meet the specific requirements of the environment and industry you operate in.

We also provide FROSIO/NACE certified coating advisors to help streamline production and ensure your coatings are applied perfectly every time. And because we have a global network of factories and stock points, we can deliver your solution where and when you need it most. Visit Our Experience Centres

Protect Your Ship From The Elements

As a global supplier of high-quality marine paints and coatings, Hempel keeps your ship in prime condition, both inside and out, throughout its lifetime – from the shipbuilding yard and through many years of efficient operation. Visit Our Experience Centres

Yacht Coatings And Boat Cara Products

Hempel offers a full range of products for pleasure and racing boats, from small motor boats to large racing yachts.

A full boat care range for sailing enthusiasts Hempel supplies the complete range of boat care products for yachting enthusiasts. In fact, the yachting enthusiast can get a top-quality Hempel product for every boat care task, from cleaning the gelcoat to protecting the rigging from mildew.

The professional yacht range At Hempel, we have developed a complete range of coatings for yacht makers, from advanced antifouling coatings that use nanotechnology to reduce drag and fuel consumption to durable topcoats designed to maintain their shine for years. Our coatings are produced to the highest standards and many use low-solvent solutions to reduce impact on the marine environment. Visit Our Experience Centres

Hempel's Coatings Protect Containers And The Enviroment

Whether you’re looking for protective coatings for your container or hunting for new application and maintenance solutions, Hempel has the products, expertise and experience.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of protective coatings for containers, our coatings can be found around the globe on containers of all types, protecting them from harsh environments and rough treatment, and helping prolong periods between maintenance intervals. As well as coatings for new containers, we also have a range of coatings for repair and maintenance work, and can work closely with you to help streamline your application lines or maintenance intervals.

Expert technical advice and advanced products Container coatings don’t have a fixed set of application parameters, so we’re constantly working on new solutions to suit changing industry requirements. Take EcoBoxcoat, for example, a waterborne container coating lanunched in 2010 that you can use on an existing manufacturing line with a 3-4 minute track time run - without heavy investments in line modifications.

But we don’t just supply coatings; we also supply expert technical support. Our coating advisors are on hand to provide expert technical advice throughout the entire process, from helping you to select the coating solution to providing onsite guidance to you and your applicators.

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